Red Dirt Communications had a great seat at Super Bowl XLVII providing satellite uplink services to TSN, Canadian ESPN counter part in Toronto, and RDS, a French Canadian TV sports network based out of Montreal. This year marked their 15-year anniversary for serving at the highly acclaimed sporting event.

Red-Dirt-Goes-to-Super-Bowl-XLVII_1.jpg"We have been working working with the Super Bowl and several large events since 1997, and every remote job presents a unique set of needs," said Dennis Stacklin, Co-Founder of Red Dirt. "You learn to evaluate, adapt and overcome any challenges that come your way, to ensure you provide great service."

The Red Dirt Crew spent the game prepping for post game live shots from the field. The live shot risers were located nearly a quarter-mile from the satellite truck so the team had to check their equipment frequently. And despite the 34-minute blackout at the Superdome, Red Dirt had a 100% success with all the shots!

"We were all outside the satellite truck when the dome went dark," said Dennis. "All of the exterior lights were out, and we realized there were issues inside and all of the post game circuits were dead. Despite all of this, everything worked in the end."

Super Bowl week was busy for the Oklahoma-based company. Not only did the Red Dirt team serve the TSN and RDS networks the entire week in New Orleans leading up to the Super Bowl, but they also provided services to WJLA (ABC affiliate, Washington D.C.), The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Univision.

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