A History of Dedication

Red Dirt Communications opened its doors October 1996 and was on-site election night that November in Little Rock providing a satellite uplink for national news coverage of the presidential election. Early in 1997, Red Dirt worked its first of 13 Super Bowls (and counting); this all boasting a dual path, no restrictions analog satellite truck - state of the art, for the time.

The 90s is when many of today’s cable news channels got their start and the demand for live news grew exponentially. Red Dirt was at the forefront of the boom, covering an assortment of national news events including: The Timothy McVeigh Trial (Denver), World Series (Cleveland, OH and San Diego, CA) and flooding along the Mississippi River that devastated the Heartland.

As the demand for live news coverage grew, so did the demand for satellite bandwidth. Red Dirt purchased its first two digital encoders late in 1999 and pioneered the way to multi-path digital transmission in one truck.

This strong history of remote broadcast services equipped the Oklahoma based company to be on location at pivotal news events in the first decade of the 21st Century:

  • Three Presidential elections (2000, 2004, 2008), and inaugurations the following years
  • Super Bowl coverage
  • Post 9/11 in NYC
  • Katrina and post Katrina in New Orleans
  • Winter Olympics 2002, Salt Lake City
  • Columbia shuttle loss in 2003
  • NASA’s “Return to Space” - First launch of space shuttle, post Columbia in 2005 at Kennedy Space Center

In 2013 Red Dirt will celebrate 17 years of providing the best in mobile satellite uplink, television broadcast, audio and video production, and internet streaming services to clients in Oklahoma and across the nation. Red Dirt founders, Nelson Durfey and Dennis Stacklin, are looking forward to many more years of providing the best in remote equipment and engineering broadcast services.